You will find on this page the most common setups of the studio. The setups below are examples only.  Several other setups are possible depending on the number of musicians, the number of instruments and the type of instruments played by the musicians. The equipment in BLACK and WHITE is not movable. You can move the ones in GREEN according to your needs. The  YELLOW  ones is not provided with the studio rental and can not be provided by the studio. For the equipment provided with the rental of the studio click HERE. For the equipment available at the studio for rent and purchase click HERE. The shapes in BLUE represent the musicians. Click on the image to enlarge.


Drummer only

3 Musicians

4 Musicians

5 Musicians
studios electric head studio setup

6 Musiciansstudios electric head studio setup

GUIT: Guitar amplifier 

BASS: Bass Amplifier

DRUM: Drum kit

MIC: Microphone

MIXER: Mixing console

PA: Speaker