• Amplifiers:Tube or Solid-state? Solid-state.All of them.
  • Do you provide a keyboard? No.
  • Do you have a keyboard amplifier? No, but you can easily plug your Keyboard into the mixer to be heard in the amplified speakers provided with the rental of the studios.
  • If I need accessories/equipment for my rehearsal, do you lend it? Apart from the gear provided with the rental of a studio described in the DESCRIPTION/PICTURES section, No. On the other hand, I sell accessories . See the STORE section for a complete list of accessories/equipment sold as well as selling prices.


  • How do we book a session? See the BOOKING section for all the details concerning the booking of a studio.
  • Do you offer online booking? Yes. Go to the BOOKING section for all the details
  • What payment methods do you accept? Go to the RATES section for a complete list of accepted payment methods.
  • How many people can be admitted at the same time in the studios? 6, for each additional person (musician or not, i.e.: visitors, spouses, friends, etc…) $5 will be charged per person per session. Depending on the number of instrumentalists and the type of instrument used, this number may vary. If you are more people than the recommended number, we advise you to make an appointment by phone to come and visit before you book a session.
  • Do you make special rates if I book multiple sessions? Yes. Check out the PROMOTIONS section for full pricing details.
  • Can I show up and book on-site? No. Please see the BOOKING section  for full details on booking and general operation of the studios.
  • If I pay in advance for my session and cancel with a 24-hour notice, can I get a refund? No. No refunds are available under any circumstances. If after your first booking that you had to pay in advance (see the BOOKING section) you cancel your session with a 24-hour notice, another session can be booked according to the availability of studios.
  • Is there a minimum number of hours to book? Yes. 2 hours. 2-hour sessions are available through ONLINE BOOKING ONLY at a cost of $35. The rate of $15 an hour applies to sessions of 3 hours or more ONLY.
  • Do you accept last minute bookings? Yes, but since no one is always on site permanently to welcome you, it is always best to book at least 24 hours in advance to allow the Studio to ensure that an employee can go to greet you. If this is your first visit, it is highly advisable to book 24 hours in advance as Studios Electric Head requests payment for your first booking to the Studio before confirming the latter. The booking process is somewhat longer. See BOOKING section for all the details before of your first booking.


  • Is the studio easily accessible by public transport? Yes. The studio is very easily accessible and close to public transport.
  • Is there parking? Yes. The studio has a free parking and it is also possible to park for free on the street.
  • Are there steps to access the studio? Yes. About 20 (ascending 2nd floor).


  • Do you accept people under the age of 18? Under certain conditions, Yes. Call for details
  • I need a studio to do something other than music, can I book anyways? No. Rehearsal studios are exclusively reserved for musical activities only.
  • Is the studio located in smoke-free environments? Yes. Cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are formally prohibited. Expulsion is immediate and for life for offenders.
  • Can we drink and eat in the studio? Yes on condition that it is done with cleanliness and you dispose of your garbage properly in the trash can provide in the studios. If these rules are not respected, you may be prohibited from drinking and eating in the studios or get you evicted from the studios.
  • Can we make a Party in a studio? No. You can have fun between friends but Parties are prohibited. The main purpose of your visit should be musical rehearsal.
  • Is there Wi-fi access? Yes and it’s free!
  • Is there an air conditioning system? Yes. You will be able to rehearse in a control temperature environment in summer and winter!
  • Are there activities other than musical activities in the building where Studios Electric Head is located? No. The building where Studios Electric Head is located only have rehearsal studios. Studios Electric Head is one of the tenants of the building. Studios Electric Head consist of ONE studio in Laval.
  • Is the building safe? Yes. There is always surveillance in the building and the parking is monitored 24/7 by a camera system. The building and parking are accessible only by the tenants of the building. That’s why all is done by bookings at Studios Electric Head.