Studio Description, Setups and Pictures

This section contains a complete and detailed description of the equipment provided with the rental of the Studio. You will also find a photo gallery of the studio and the equipment described in this section. To go to the STUDIO SETUPS section, click HERE. For any questions about the equipment of the studio, go to the FAQ section by clicking HERE. Click on the picture at the bottom of the page to access the photo gallery.

Studio’s dimensions:

17′ x 15′ (5,2 m x 4,6 m)


  • 1 6-piece Tama drum set with 14” hi-hat (16” crash, 20” ride available for rent for $5 per session), Double bass drum pedal
  • 2 Fender 2 x 12” 100W guitar amps
  • 1 Fender 1 x 15” 200W bass amp
  • 2 Peavy 12” powered speakers
  • 1 8-input Soundcraft mixer
  • 3 mics (Sennheiser e835, Peavy PVM 22, Stagg SDM 50) with stands and cables
  • 3 guitar stands
  • 2 music stands



243 boul. Des Laurentides, Laval H7G 2T7 (Métro Cartier)